10 Style Tips That Make You Look Like a True Professional

When guys start looking to refine their fashion sense and start dressing better, it’s easy to think that standing out means buying clothes that have wild patterns, bright colors, or expensive designer names on the labels. While you’ll certainly stand out if you dress like that, it won’t always be in a good way, and it might get you the wrong kind of attention.

If you want your style to stand out (in a good way), it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to dress like you’re fresh off the runway in Paris. The art of dressing well is all in the details: The more you pay attention to the small things, the better you’ll look. After all, it’s not about a specific shirt or a specific pair of pants — it’s how they make you look and feel that matters.

If you’re looking for a way to refine your wardrobe and really stand out, here are 10 classic style tips that will make you look great.

1. Commit to good hygiene and grooming

Good hygiene plays a role in being stylish. | iStock.com

If you want to improve your style, it starts in the bathroom. The most basic of all hygiene advice is that you need to shower regularly and brush your teeth, but there’s much more to it than simply staying clean. Spending a little more time each week on grooming will give you a significant payoff in the looks department.

Schedule a regular haircut, keep your eyebrows trimmed, and if you have any facial hair, make sure you keep it neat. You’ll look better, feel better, and have more confidence when you’re walking down the street.

2. Don’t compromise on buying what fits

By now, most guys have a pretty good idea of how their clothes are supposed to fit. The problem comes when a really good looking item of clothing isn’t available in the right size. Every time I’ve bought something that was “close enough” to my size, I’ve later come to regret it.

It’s worth it to be more selective with what you purchase, even if that results in you buying fewer items. Not only will you look better, you’ll also get more value for your money because your closet won’t end up full of clothes you only wear on laundry day.

3. Splurge on a tailor

Unless you’re ideally proportioned, even when you buy clothes that fit, it’s going to be hard to find clothes that fit perfectly. A tailor can fix that for you, and as long as what you’re having tailored only needs minor adjustments, it won’t be particularly expensive. If you need major changes, though, it’s going to cost you. There’s a huge difference between shortening the sleeves on a blazer and re-cutting a size 44 to fit a guy who’s a 38. Another option is to take advantage of companies like Indochino and Combatant Gentlemen that offer custom clothing for surprisingly affordable prices. It may take a little time to find the right company for you and to make sure they get your measurements right, but if you’re willing to work with them, the end result can be quite nice.

4. Invest in dry cleaning

Dry cleaning will make your clothes last longer. | iStock.com

Dry cleaning costs money, so guys on a strict budget might not be able to justify it. Assuming it could reasonably fit in your budget, though, it’s absolutely worth investing in. The biggest reason to do so is that dry cleaning will make your clothes last longer. No one wants to spend good money on a shirt only to pull it out of the dryer and find a tear in the collar. The other advantage is that your clothes will always look their best. It’s probably not much of a concern with your T-shirts, but who wants to iron a button down before they wear it out? Even if you do, it never looks as good as it does after a trip to the dry cleaners.

5. Switch to V-neck undershirts

V-neck shirts are a flattering choice. | iStock.com

In a perfect world, we’d all smell like leather and wood, and body sweat wouldn’t be a problem. We could get dressed, walk out the door, and never think twice about back sweat or pit stains. Unfortunately, it’s not a perfect world, and for most guys, back sweat and pit stains are a real concern, making undershirts an important part of their wardrobe. The crew neck undershirt, however, just isn’t flattering. If you’re wearing a tie, it usually isn’t visible, but any time you leave a button or two unbuttoned, the crew neck undershirt sticks out like a sore thumb. If you’re still wearing them, especially with a polo shirt, go ahead and make the switch to a V-neck. It will hide better and be much more flattering.

6. Wear a watch

Boost your look by wearing a watch. | iStock.com

Other than a wedding ring, a watch is the most socially acceptable item of jewelry for a guy to wear. Sure, we all have cell phones that tell us the time, and watches aren’t exactly a necessity anymore, but there’s still something nice about having one on your wrist. Unfortunately, the trend in watches lately has been to wear the gaudiest monstrosity you can find. For a look that will age better in the coming years, consider a smaller, simpler design. You don’t necessarily have to buy a Patek Philippe, but whether you’re spending $20 or $20,000, a classic design is always going to look good. If you want something more interesting than a Timex or Fossil, consider buying vintage. For the same price as an Apple Watch, you can buy a nice vintage timepiece.

7. Take care of your shoes

Keeping your shoes in good shape will elevate your look. | iStock.com

The idea that you should own more than one pair of shoes is nothing new, but there’s more to standing out than going and buying another pair of shoes. Save that for when they inevitably wear out. Instead of going and buying gold shoes with wings on them, consider taking some time to make the shoes you already own stand out. People probably aren’t going to ever point out to you that your loafers are dull and a bit scuffed up, but they will notice if they’re clean and polished. Even your boat shoes can be cleaned if you do it the right way. Athletic shoes are more difficult to keep clean, but you also shouldn’t be wearing them when you aren’t exercising, so it’s not really a big deal. No matter what kind you’re wearing, though, if your shoes look good, you look good.

8. Tie your tie correctly

If you’re going to wear a tie, few things make you look less like you know what you’re doing than tying it poorly. Even if you’re in a hurry, take the time to make sure that your tie is the proper length. If it’s too long, it’s going to look bad, and if it’s too short, it’s going to look just as bad. If it doesn’t reach your waistband or reaches past it, retying it is totally worth the extra 30 seconds.

If you’re wearing a bow tie, it’s just as important to make sure you tie it correctly. Making sure it’s sized appropriately for your neck will help ensure that everything comes out even, but most guys get that right. What most guys do miss, though, is that they need to tighten the knot once it’s tied. When they don’t, it just looks sloppy.

9. Splurge on socks

Nice socks can be a good way to accessorize. | iStock.com

It’s easy to just buy basic socks and not put too much thought into them, but good socks really are worth it. Assuming your pants are an appropriate length and don’t look like you borrowed them from your dad’s closet, your socks are going to show every now and then. That means you can spring for some fun patterns or different colors to mix things up from time to time.

Nicer socks are also less likely to slide down your leg and bunch up around your ankles. Not only does that make them look better, it makes them more comfortable to wear as well. Since even nice socks aren’t particularly expensive, just go ahead and plan to buy new ones on a regular basis. You won’t regret it.

10. Change your glasses

Change up your look with new glasses. | iStock.com

If you wear glasses and it’s been a while since you bought your current frames, it’s probably time to consider getting a new pair. Instead of just ordering a new version of the same ones you already own, try a variety of different frame styles. You may be surprised by how much you like something completely different.

Thanks to the Internet, there’s no need to limit yourself to just one pair either. For the cost of buying frames at the store, you can buy at least two pairs from a company like Warby Parker and switch which ones you wear depending on the day. If you’re really looking to save money on new glasses, skip Warby Parker and head over to Zenni Optical. For those prices, you can buy as many pairs of glasses as you want.

Rihanna Stars in Her New Savage x Fenty Lingerie Campaign — Whew! We Weren’t Ready For This

After teaming up with Normani for a dreamy photo shoot that gave us major goddess energy, Rihanna is back for another Savage x Fenty drop with the May Spring/Summer 2020 collection. This time, the 32-year-old musician and designer used herself as a model (not that we’re complaining). The campaign shows off the singer modeling a black lingerie look from The Neon Nights Xtra VIP Box, which is curated by Rihanna and exclusively designed by Adam Selman for Savage x Fenty. She accessorized the lingerie with a pair of matching black Amina Muaddi heels.

Like previous collections, the May drop comes in sizes 32A through 42H and XS through 3X. The size-inclusive line includes an array of sultry bras, panties, and slips at reasonable prices ranging from $13 to $105. Besides the sexy black number Rihanna is rocking in the stunning campaign, we particularly love the brightly colored key-lime pieces. These neon pieces are a fun way to refresh your lingerie collection if you’re looking to give your underwear drawer a pop of color. Keep reading to see photos of Rihanna looking absolutely unreal in the new collection.

Rihanna Posing For the May 2020 Savage x Fenty VIP Members Drop

Image Source: Savage x Fenty

Neon Nights Xtra VIP Box

Neon Nights Xtra VIP Box ($142)

Why Fashion ‘Seasons’ Are Obsolete

This week, Saint Laurent said it would skip Paris Fashion Week and set its own schedule for showing collections for the rest of the year, raising deeper questions about following universal fashion seasons in a global market.

Jeff Bezos Called to Testify Before House Panel on Amazon Private Label Products

Independent merchants have long complained that the company’s AmazonBasics line copies popular products that they sell.

WASHINGTON, D.C., United States — Amazon.com Inc. Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos is being called to testify by a House antitrust panel about his company’s treatment of third-party merchants on its site.

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, which is investigating competition in the tech sector, said in a letter to Bezos Friday that he expects the CEO to testify, and threatened to issue a subpoena if he doesn’t comply.

The demand follows a Wall Street Journal report that the e-commerce giant used data from third-party sellers on its site to develop competing products.

At issue are statements that an Amazon executive made to the panel while under oath last year.

If the story “is accurate, then statements Amazon made to the Committee about the company’s business practices appear to be misleading, and possibly criminally false or perjurious,” said the letter, which was signed by Representative Jerrold Nadler, David Cicilline, the Democratic chairman of the antitrust subcommittee, and Jim Sensenbrenner, the competition panel’s top Republican, among other subcommittee members.

Nadler said April 23 that Amazon may have misled Congress when a company lawyer, Nate Sutton, testified last year that the online retailer doesn’t use data it collects on sales to favour its own products over third-party sellers.

Amazon didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment, but has previously said that it hadn’t been “intentionally misleading” in its congressional testimony. The committee’s letter points to a crime of making false statements “knowingly and willfully.” Sutton had testified that the company doesn’t use data it collects on sales to favour its own products over third-party sellers. Cicilline has previously called Sutton’s answers “evasive, incomplete, or misleading.”

Amazon has faced accusations of anticompetitive conduct from many corners. One seller, in a 62-page letter to federal lawmakers, has accused the company of raising prices by forcing the third-party merchants on its site into using its expensive logistics service, Bloomberg has reported.

Independent merchants have long complained that the company’s AmazonBasics line copies popular products that they sell. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has investigated the company’s practices and interviewed third-party sellers to see if it’s using its market power to hurt competition, Bloomberg reported in September.

In other cases, some outside sellers, who are crucial to Amazon’s business, have complained that the company makes their goods less visible if they post lower prices on other sites, Bloomberg has also reported, essentially forcing the merchants to raise prices elsewhere because of the importance of Amazon to their business.

The company has said it represents too little of world retail sales to have a monopolists’ power and what they engage in is competition that lowers prices for consumers.

The committee’s renewed push for testimony by Bezos comes as it said that Amazon’s responses to information requests from the committee had left “significant gaps.” Cicilline’s committee is looking to write a report on competition in the tech sector with recommendations for legal fixes, but the chairman has said he wants to hear testimony from technology chief executives before issuing the final report.

“Although we expect that you will testify on a voluntary basis, we reserve the right to resort to compulsory process if necessary,” the letter said.

By Ben Brody.

Cardi B Is All Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go

From what we’ve seen of Cardi B’s quarantine so far, we know that she’s been keeping busy by teasing her husband about online shopping, watching Netflix’s Tiger King, talking about the pandemic with Bernie Sanders on Instagram live with Bernie Sanders, and posting throwback pictures of her in a violet Mugler outfit from the not too distant past. She’s also been dressing up and using her balcony as a photo set—see her recent snap of her in bike shorts and pink hair as evidence, as well as a brand new look she posted today.

Cardi posed on her balcony in a form-fitting, ankle-grazing black dress and a pair of strappy heels, looking like she could waltz onto just about any red carpet. Even her hair and makeup looks camera-ready—her super long, baby pink acrylics and her soft curls are perfectly in place. It takes some real motivation to put together such a glamorous look if you’re not going anywhere, but given Cardi’s love of fashion, it should come as little surprise that she’d bring her A-game to her balcony.

Fashion Fundamentals: A Beginners Guide For Women Who Want To Improve Their Personal Style

Guess what?

Chic dressing is much, much simpler than it is made out to be. 

I’ve seen how easily a woman can advance her shopping, image, and fashion skills. With that in mind, I’m sharing my best styling tips to getting your style un-stuck so can you feel even more like the confident, gorgeous, powerhouse woman you already are. 

1. Find Your Style Vibe

The next time you admire a person’s personal image (or feel jealous she looks so good) ask yourself “why do I like her?” “What’s in her vibe that I wish I felt like?”

  • Is it the streetwear sportiness of it?
  • How glam she looks?
  • Is it her overall cool-girl factor?
  • Is it how comfortable-yet-perfectly-pulled-together she looks?
  • Does her powerful presence catch your eye?

Replicate the personal style you love by being an anthropologist. Examine rather than judge to borrow vibes from another person’s image.

This builds on the complexity of putting entire looks together because rather than simply appreciating one thing or detail, you’re capturing the feeling of an overall aesthetic. 

Let’s imagine you’d love to feel more (insert adjective) and (other feeling). You often see women who reflect that in the way they dress and you admire it.

These women catch your eye because they do it in the most authentic way. For them, it is an internal feeling they exude through their clothing choices. They dress to express that part of themselves.

For example: in these images there are examples of sexy and feminine interpreted in different ways. 

The sexiness of Kim Kardashian’s (bottom right) cleavage is one woman’s take on sexy, while Meghan Markle’s (middle left) jeans and sharp black stiletto heels are another. Another take is the combat boot or Margot Robbie’s leopard print dress. What elements make up each version?

Apply it:  Check out the pictures. There are various examples of personal style to steal ideas from.What kind of sexy / feminine vibe do you connect with most? How can you create more of that in your style? 

2. Know Why You Like Something, To Wear What You Want

People that have incredible style are attuned to their tastes and effortlessly build a wardrobe out of them.

They build a wardrobe out what feels right. 

By refining your understanding of why you like an item you’ll have more success choosing the pieces that make you feel pulled together. 

Ever hear yourself saying:

Ohh, that is a pretty shirt.”

“Those pants are cool.”

“That shirt is weird.”

“I want that shoe.”

The next time you like or don’t like an item of clothing (your own, a colleagues, in a store, etc) take note of why.

When we are attracted to or repelled by an item, there are details that make you go yay or nay. Regardless if it is the color, the pleats, the fabric, or the way it moves, it’s your job to understand why you kinda love it or hate it.  

As you start paying attention to why you like something you’ll notice patterns in your style preferences. These patterns are valuable information to dressing yourself smarter. Our awareness of why we are attracted to something is a tool in creating more of that in our lives. 

Apply it: With your preference(s) noted, go to a store and scan it until you find pieces that reflect your favorite detail(s). Try them on. 

3. Wear Your Entire Wardrobe At Least Once

Let’s be honest: you have so much shit you never wear yet refuse to get rid of.

Forget Marie Kondo (at least for your closet). Follow my Wear It Once processto clearing the closet clutter, without spending more money or extra time on your wardrobe.

Wearing every piece of clothing gives you one of two things: a new vigor for it or a clear feeling that the item needs to go. 

If you are torn about whether to toss something, then wear it again. You’ll have clarity by the day’s end whether or not you want to keep it. 

Commit to that final choice.

Apply it: Every day wear something you’ve yet to wear in that day’s outfit. Do this, in constant rotation, until you have worn everything at least once.

4. Arm Yourself With A Core Competency

“Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.

— Pablo Picasso

Like when learning to cook, personal style develops best when creativity meets competency. One has to learn knife yielding before they can advance into culinary arts. Sometimes this can come naturally, but most often it’s a culmination of effort and self expression over the years. Refine your rough edges and you’ll find more freedom to play. 

  • Follow masters that share their expertise.
  • Educate yourself on the science of fashion and apply the teachings.
  • I promise, you’ll feel confident you’re making sophisticated choices once you develop a stronger sense of skill.
  • Eventually you’ll feel more at ease to explore your creativity and expand your horizons.

Apply it: Hire an expert. Take a class. Take action on what you know.

5. Embrace And Figure Out Your Body’s Shape

Your body is fashion’s ultimate accessory and you are your canvas. When we struggle to understand how to dress our shapes, it can hinder creativity and/or highlight our insecurities, making us feel frustrated and with limited options.  

Understanding your body shape is not:

  • About making it wrong.
  • Finding fault in order to look better.
  • Working yourself to look like someone else’s ideal.

Understanding your body shape is:

  • Learning your proportions correctly
  • Understanding how your figure translates to clothing design.
  • An integral step in making smarter purchases and ending frustrating shopping experiences.

Your body is the way that it is and will continue to change as you age. Learning to work with and love what you’ve got is one of your greatest resources. Women who know what works for their body understand how to flatter it. 

6. Girl, Do Your Hair More

When grooming becomes an afterthought, it diminishes the self-image we seek.

Think of when a well-dressed man doesn’t groom his facial hair or brush his teeth before a date or imagine a celebrity with post-workout hair on the red carpet. They are still their fabulous self, but an off-centered, false representation of that version.

This isn’t to say you need to be a coiffed model every day, but as the British royals can attest, a ponytail can either be “I just woke up mess” or “sleek and chic”. 

The only difference is the extra effort we make in creating one or the other.

Unrealistic beauty standards are not welcome here at Let’s Get You, but it’s your choice which direction you consistently want your look to lean.

Apply it: Figure out a few lifestyle changes that regularly supports having a polished head of hair and do it more often than not. Below is one example of the various hair tutorials available. You are sure to find another go-to that says “I pulled it together” and less “I ran out of time”  

7. Add A New Neutral

For most, neutrals mean black or white, gray or navy, and only wear colors that only look like this:

If brighter colors intimidate you and/or you’re bored with your style, consider incorporating alternative neutrals. There are are browns, burgundy, greens, creams, blushes and camels that can be worn as neutrals too.

Also, there’s agreement amongst fashion people that leopard prints are most definitely, always a neutral

Apply it: The next time you consider buying something in your regular go-to neutral, try one you normally aren’t drawn too. Like leopard!

8. Wear Things That Feel just a little “Too Much” 

It’s frightening to go outside our comfort zone, but I want you to know it is okay to be noticed. Instead of desperately trying to blend into the wall, remember some people are going to judge. You may as well feel good about yourself because you’ll never please everyone. 

Try anything new that you would never usually wear. A few ways to expand outside your typical type: A new color lipstick! An odd looking shoe! A new man! Oh my! 🙂

Client Example
The harem shape of these pants, along with their glitter gold embellishment, was very eye-catching. The black pairings calm down the bohemian style and make them more easy to wear everyday.

The more you go outside your personal style box, those risky I-can’t-wear-that feelings will shrink and shrink. In tandem, your style will expand in more fulfilling, new ways.

Apply it: Wear things you’re a little overwhelmed by over and over and over again. Before you know it you’ll be rocking tutus in Times Square. 

9. Ménage à trois Your Look

One of my favorite styling tips is to add a 3rd piece. This piece is an additional item that incorporates a new element into your outfit.

It supports tip #3 because it helps you rotate your wardrobe in a way that keeps you wearing only what you love, while trying all the things you rarely wear.

Let me explain:

Imagine your look is full of clothes (fav shirt, fav jeans, or fav shoes, etc.) that you’re confident in, but you’re on the fence about that one item (those other shoes, a headband, new bra, whatever), invite it into your outfit and try it for the night/day. 

This is one of safest places to experiment because the rest of the outfit is a confident choice for you. 

Apply it: Wear any piece of clothing you’re not sure about in an otherwise safe outfit. You’ll either learn you love it or you’ll be eager to get rid of it. Win-win

10. Wear Bright Colors In Your Accessories

Incorporating color is often a challenge for anyone who has stuck to wearing neutrals.

(Which, by the way, is the majority of NYC.)

Experimenting with brights in your accessories is a simple way to wear more color and find what you love. You can do this with just about anything: a bright bag, shoe, or earrings. It could be a scarf or a hair clip. It works because almost all bright colors pair back to a neutral effortlessly, removing any skepticism of how to match.

Apply it now: All neutral outfits + bold bright accessories = colorful style.

11. Take Action. Do Something. Do until it no longer feels like trying.

I wasn’t born fashion savvy and sophisticated. I always had an appreciation for aesthetics and design, but I didn’t know how to dress myself or enhance my own beauty in ways I do now. I learned, I researched, and I strived to be better. Over time I was able to transform my appearance into what I dreamed it could be. Me; better.

The most successful people in this world take action until they have their desired results.

This Basics Brand Is A #WFH Go-To For Hailey Bieber & Amber Valletta

Instagram / @haileybieber

Keeping comfortable is a priority for everyone at the moment, which makes a well-stocked working-from-home wardrobe essential. Hailey Bieber has made tracksuits, Ugg boots and sweatshirts from her husband Justin Bieber’s Drew merch line her staples, and recently showed off another snug basic she’s added to her collection.

The model shared a selfie on Instagram wearing an elephant-grey top from X Karla with the caption “best tank”, suggesting it’s become a staple of self-isolation dressing. The basics brand – which has a Hollywood power stylist behind it – has also caught the eye of models Amber Valletta and Vittoria Ceretti, plus actors Olivia Wilde, Tracee Ellis Ross, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kaitlyn Dever.


Karla Welch – the brand’s founder – launched the label following a request from her then client Justin Bieber. He asked her to source some long T-shirts at short notice, prompting the resourceful stylist to head to her local KMart and rework a selection of men’s triple-XL Hanes tees. The seeds for X Karla were sown, and it has gone on to build quite the celebrity fanbase. Welch has collaborated with Levi’s, Express and Hanes on simple wardrobe staples that happen to be perfect for this self-isolation period. 

She first shot her range of camis and tees on none other than Kaia Gerber and Joan Smalls, in a ’90s-style shoot inspired by the imagery of photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and artist Robert Longo. A variety of monochrome tanks, polo necks, sweatshirts, hoodies and crop tops are at the core of X Karla’s permanent collection, while recent releases include tie-dye and vibrant neon iterations. We’re particularly partial to the muted pastel colourways – perfect for spring.